WizGov is a pilot project from OGP's HFPG 2023 hackathon
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Build useful widgets for your website in minutes

Hassle-free creation of widgets for agency websites at zero cost.

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Why use WizGov?

Increase website interactivity image

Increase website interactivity

Boost interactivity of your agency’s website with customizable widgets of OGP tools such as AskGov, FormSG, etc

Improve information accessibility  image

Improve information accessibility

Provide frequently requested information via widgets, reducing the need to navigate through multiple pages for visitors.

Iterate content easily & rapidly image

Iterate content easily & rapidly

Make changes to content quickly with our intuitive widget builder, improving audience engagement for your website.

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WizGov is part of the

Open Government Products Suite

, and as a public officer you can mix and match from our set of productivity and collaboration tools.

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